Podcast Episode 2: School’s Out!

The school year is almost over and school leavers all over the country will be gearing up for their first summer out in the big bad world. We’ve been thinking about leaving education this week as Rosie graduated with a degree in Media, Culture, Communication (woohoo!) and Katie is on the last leg of her MRes in English (must…keep…writing…). Here … More Podcast Episode 2: School’s Out!

Programme for the Femorabilia Study

Very pleased to announce the programme, we are looking forward to welcoming the speakers and all of those who have already registered on Eventbrite Femorabilia Study Day and Symposium Saturday, 22 October 2016 Aldham Robarts Library, Liverpool John Moores University 29 Maryland Street, Liverpool, L1 9DE 9.30—10.00: Registration/Welcome  10.00—11.30: Hands-on-Session with the Femorabilia Collection  11.30—13.00: … More Programme for the Femorabilia Study

Femorabilia: The First Five Hundred Days

In five hundred days we have expanded the diversity of our holdings from 300 to over 15oo items and started to make connections which will enhance our public engagement and research profile Femorabilia became recognised as a collection about 18 months ago but it had existed as a teaching resource since the early 1990s.  Students were … More Femorabilia: The First Five Hundred Days

Being Human Festival

Long time, no post! We’re sorry we haven’t posted in a while, but we have been working on ideas for an exhibition for the Being Human Festival 2015. The Being Human Festival is a celebration of the humanities. Being Human aims to express the might and variety of the humanities; educating the public with new … More Being Human Festival

Assuming you: What women magazines from the 70’s – 90’s know about you and what you should do about it

Household reading material; from domestic guides to women’s health and beauty magazines, have always had an undertone of guidance and self-improvement. The theme is nothing new, in fact as early as the nineteenth century domestic guides written by both men and women had the theme of improving the self, the home and the husband through … More Assuming you: What women magazines from the 70’s – 90’s know about you and what you should do about it