What is Femorabilia?

Hello!  Today’s post (our very first!) is going to discuss the topic this blog focuses on: Femorabilia. What exactly is it? Where did it come from? Why is it important?

Femorabilia is a term coined from ‘feminine’ and ‘memorabilia.’ It was put together to name the widely popular, yet disappearing culture of 20th century girl’s and women’s comics/magazines. The news in 2012 that Dandy was ceasing to print was a huge blow to readers; however they were comforted by the fact that Dandy would still be published and available online. For female (and of course male) readers, it was a mere reminder of what society had already lost: Femorabilia. The tsunami-sized waves of consumerism magazines (take for example; Girl Talk, Pony) which generally feature a tacky, widely produced, plastic toy has nothing on the delights of Jackie, Bunty or even Misty.

Do you remember reading the adventures of Misty and Sandie?

This blog shall be dedicated to the female comics and magazines of the 20th century. Ranging from Butterfly to Honey, this page shall feature our explorations into the magical and mystical worlds that entertained generations upon generations of adventure fuelled, independent driven, fantastical females that grew up with the lessons of Judy and the advice of Spare Rib.

Through exploring such collections we are able to answer questions that are important to historians and writers interested in where our women’s comics have come from and where they are going. For example, why are these immensely popular serial stories for girls and women not as widely celebrated as that of the opposite sex? Why is it that Beano and Dandy shall go down in history, but not Judy or Sandie? We refuse to see a form of popular culture disappear.  Our aim is hopefully to improve the popularity of these entertaining comics, whilst also making them more accessible for the public to reminisce and rejoice at the memories that flood back.

What comics did you read when you were younger? Did you have any favourite characters? Let us know in the comments below!

Write again soon,

A&C x

One thought on “What is Femorabilia?

  1. I read Bunty and Judy (as did my Mum before me). Loved them as a child, and remember meticulously cutting out the dolls and the outifts with tabs each week. Definitely a part of my childhood I remember fondly … must see if I can find my Bunty membership cards, and maybe even my Mum’s old Bunty and Judy annuals from the 50s and 60s


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