Girlhood: The Forgotten History

What defines girlhood? Well, that may be a difficult question to answer. For the term ‘girlhood’ to exist, adventures, memories, scraped knees, heartbreak and tears are but a few things a girl must experience in her childhood.
Whilst the Oxford English Dictionary definition is pretty vague (and boring), I felt like it was necessary as an explanation for the timing of girlhood:

‘Girlhood’: The state or time of being a girl.

Simple, right? OED perfectly summed up the true meaning of girlhood? Not quite.

Now let’s move on to the more interesting, contemporary and perhaps a quite excellent contender at completely avoiding the definition of girlhood (curtsey of the great and the never-ever-ever-reference-in-your-essay: Urban Dictionary):

-‘Girlhood s**t’: Activities, keepsakes or strong memories from a female’s childhood days; not to be confused with ‘boyhood shit’ and its long-standing relationships with Power Ranger marathons or excessively annoying 3.a.m back-to-back turntable sessions of Hawaii Five-O and A-Team theme songs covered by groups with names like ‘Hungover Forever Love Mister Man.’

See how cleverly user savedbyfacebutmostlyface cleverly avoided any form of answering or even describing girlhood?

How come our love for playing with plastic dolls in the great outdoors hasn’t been documented? Or feeling the influence of adventure-filled afternoon supplied by Bunty is not recorded?

It’s a great shame that girlhood is so quickly associated with pink, fluffy teddies and dolls houses (both which feature the pleasure of play indoors). I mean sure, I was by no means a tomboy: I loved the hours I spent dressing up as Pocahontas, Mulan to Belle from Beauty and the Beast; imitating their own moves and stories. Completely lost in my imagination, I trekked far and wide fulfilling my fantasy in adventure.

Why is it that girlhood is so quickly forgotten and lost in the abyss of manliness? Girls do stuff too and I think it’s time that should be recognised.

– Cx

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