Our First Podcast Ep 1: Make Your Mark

If you’ve been checking our Twitter you’ll have spotted our hints last week about a Jackie inspired craft project. We posted the Make Your Mark feature from the May the 8th 1976 issue as well as a sneak preview of us in our jazzy new cardigans…

Now we can reveal that we have begun a weekly (if all goes well) podcast series: Five Minutes With Femorabilia (#FiveMinFem)! We’ll be posting them here on the blog each week and you can visit the LJMU Special Collections and Archive’s Soundcloud to hear them too!

Any images we talk about in the podcast will be posted here so you can look at them as you listen. If you really like the look of them you can come and visit them in the reading room!

This week’s episode is called Make Your Mark, looking at sewing and creativity in 1970s Jackie. We hope you enjoy it! This was our first attempt at recording and editing a podcast so forgive any blunders as we tried to edit out our Friday afternoon giggles!


Us in our snazzy cardigans… #cardigangoals


Images Referenced:

Jackie 8th May 1976 pg7
Jackie 29th November 1975 pg3
Jackie 7th February 1976 pg3



Rosie Steele and Katie Taylor, Femorabilia Interns, Summer 2018.

Music: That’s True Instrumental(Spandau Ballet Sample Beat) by N/A is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Transcript: Podcast Script One

Toilet Selfie
When we realised the toilets made the best recording studio….

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