Podcast Episode 5: Bye For Now Femorabiliacs!

sad internsSadly readers, we have reached the end of our summer internship with Femorabilia! But before we leave we have recorded one more extra special edition of #FiveMinFem If you have been listening regularly you might have noticed that the episodes have not been five minutes long; we had the vision and we tried our best but we found week by week that we had so much more to say! For this last one we have embraced our chattiness and recorded an even longer episode for you. Join us as we read from Jackie magazine, and reflect on the internship with special guest Val Stevenson, head of academic services at LJMU libraries and one of our project supervisors. Thanks for reading, listening and tweeting us these past eight weeks, we have had an absolute blast and we have appreciated all comments, encouragement and support that has come our way.


The Jackie features we discuss in this episode are posted below. You can read more about our internship adventures on the LJMU Special Collections and Archive blog, and follow us on twitter @FemorabiliaLJMU for daily updates on the treasures of the Femorabilia archive. Enjoy!

FM_JA_NOV15_1975_pg35 copy
Nov 15th 1975, pg35
FM_JA_NOV15_1975_pg5 crop
Nov 15th 1975, pg5 (cropped)
FM_JA_NOV15_1975_pg4 crop
Nov 15th 1975, pg4 (cropped)

Gayle Anderson, aka Cathy and Claire (yes both of them) on the strange things girls used to send into the magazine, click here.


Rosie Steele and Katie Taylor, Femorabilia Interns, Summer 2018.


Intro-That’s True Instrumental(Spandau Ballet Sample Beat) by N/A is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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