Aadrienne Gowns:

My name is Aadrienne, current intern and History student at John Moore’s University in Liverpool, England. Throughout my time in my university I have found myself studying a range of topics from understanding conflicts in the Middle East, to Sexuality in Victorian Britain. My broad range of interests within History mainly stems from my desire to fully understand human actions from grasping the environmental influences that are had on them, such as media, tradition and ‘propaganda’. I have a keen interest in the visual arts, which has brought me to working with such a Special Collection as Femorabilia. It is quite unbelievable to hold a piece of history in your hand, for example one of the oldest magazine in the collection Butterfly; which is more than 100 years old, and only imagine who else may have touched the same pages you hold in a complete different century, decade and lifetime. I have also gained experience writing for newspapers and online articles, so to combine the two passions of mine, History and written media has brought me to this very blog.
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Charlotte Seddon:

My name is Charlotte and I am a Level 5 student at Liverpool John Moores University studying English, Media and Cultural Studies. Like Aadrienne, I am undertaking an internship in the special collections archive known as ‘Femorabilia.’ What interested me about the collection was the timeless and classic comics and magazines, depicting adventures to suit every imagination, to providing advice on political and radical issues that plagued females during the 20th century. My particular curiosity stems to the female fashion magazines, such as; Honey, Woman and Harpers Bazaar. I hope to explore my interests and share them with this blog to provide insight to those who wish for the popular culture to be returned.



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