Podcast Episode 4: Jackie, A Girl’s Best Friend

This week we were celebrating the international day of friendship by thinking about how Jackie magazine was a friend to girls in the 1970s. From Cathy and Claire’s advice, to stories about friendships turned sour, Jackie was both a friend, and providing models of friendship to its readers. Listen to us talking about magazines, friendship … More Podcast Episode 4: Jackie, A Girl’s Best Friend

Podcast Episode 2: School’s Out!

The school year is almost over and school leavers all over the country will be gearing up for their first summer out in the big bad world. We’ve been thinking about leaving education this week as Rosie graduated with a degree in Media, Culture, Communication (woohoo!) and Katie is on the last leg of her MRes in English (must…keep…writing…). Here … More Podcast Episode 2: School’s Out!